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Renewal of DCSSI authorization for cyptographic Free Software

March 3rd, 2009, for immediate release

The FSF France [1] is going to renew its DCSSI [2] authorization to import into France, use, commercialize and export abroad cryptographic Free Software [3]. To assist it in doing so, the FSF France is looking for cryptography experts who could help filling the technical part of the request.

At the cutting edge of technology, cryptographic Free Software is commonly used to sign document and encrypt emails, but the French law requires to ask for an authorization from DCSSI to import such software. The FSF France obtained this authorization in 2002 and published this importation authorization on its website. The FSF France wishes to renew this authorization in order for scientific research and the education world to continue benefiting freely from it.

The FSF France also invites all legal entities which have undergone the same authorization procedure in front of DCSSI and which have obtained the authorization to import such software to accept to publish them so that everybody may benefit from these authorizations.


[1] -

[2] - DCSSI DCSSI is the French governmental agency which is in charge amongst other things of regulating the security of information systems in France.

[3] - La DCSSI autorise GnuPG et OpenSSL

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