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FSF France is a non-profit association whose object is to promote Free Software (as in "free speech") in France.

Seeks, a collaborative search engine January 25th 2011
When will social networks mix with search on the Internet ? Emmanuel Benazera, a computer scientist, offers an answer with the Seeks project. Facing the inertia of conventional search engines to develop useful social technical solutions, he decided to give it a try, utterly convinced that advertising-based business models would prevent conventional engines to radically invest into social search. To do so, Seeks goes back to the architectural roots of the Internet to make search a decentralized collaborative effort and experience. Read more

A Court of Appeal condemns for violating the GNU GPL license September 22th, 2009
In a landmark ruling that will set legal precedent, the Paris Court of Appeals decided last week that the company Edu4 violated the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) when it distributed binary copies of the remote desktop access software VNC but denied users access to its corresponding source code. The suit was filed by Association pour la formation professionnelle des adultes (AFPA), a French education organization. Read more

Wecena and pro bono work May 17th, 2009
FSF France and wecena have signed a collaboration agreement the goal of which is to find companies which would be ready to benefit the association, and the scientific and educational projects it supports, through voluntary service involving the labor of its employees between contracts. Read more

Instant messaging for Free Software May 1st, 2009
FSF France has decided to offer a server to, in order to ensure the sustainability of instant messaging tools used for Free Software-related projects. It hosts over 4,000 people per day. Read more

A compilation farm for GCC April 5th, 2009
Under Laurent Guerby's initiative, the FSF France is making available to Free Software developers a compilation farm. This unique compilation farm offers over ten different architectures supported by two dozens computers. Read more

Renewal of DCSSI authorization for cyptographic Free Software March 3rd, 2009
The FSF France is going to renew its DCSSI authorization to import into France, use, commercialize and export abroad cryptographic Free Software. To assist it in doing so, the FSF France is looking for cryptography experts who could help filling the technical part of the request. Read more

SFR offers to FSF France a free hosting contract October 15th, 2008
SFR decided to offer to FSF France free hosting, so that the association itself may continue to host the projects of numerous users and developpers. Read more

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