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SFR offers to FSF France a free hosting contract

October 15th 2008, for immediate release

SFR [1] decided to offer to FSF France [2] free hosting, so that the association itself may continue to host the projects of numerous users and developpers.

This service is mainly aimed at students and researchers who cannot find hosting for their projects through their university. FSF France provides its own resources to such university membres, as long as not all French universities are capable of providing such hosting.

The contract offered by SFR has no counterpart and no limit in its duration. Thanks to it, SFR will provide to FSF France hosting on 40 servers and unlimited traffic to and from Thus, the association shall have optimal hosting capacities to serve those working in the scientific and eductional domains.


[1] - SFR

[2] - FSF France

[3] - GNA

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