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First meeting of the members of the FSF-Portugal mailing list

[ Minutes prepared by João Miguel Neves; modified by Bruno Marques, Hugo Nogueira and Jaime Villate. English translation by: Jaime Villate ]

Place: Faculdade de Engenharia, University of Porto. Date: June 9th, 2001.

1. Members present

  • Rui Seabra - Braga, SIBS, Lisboa;
  • Raul Oliveira - Porto, lecturer at FEUP, organizer of Porto Cidade Linux;
  • Bruno Marques - Viseu, lecturer at Escola Superior de Tecnologia, Linux Study Group;
  • Ricardo Silva - Viseu, Student at Escola Superior de Tecnologia, Linux Study Group;
  • Ruben Mendes - Oliveira de Azemeis, stock holder/manager at Netureza;
  • Rui Leite - Porto, student at Faculdade de Economia, University of Porto;
  • Miguel Gonçalves - Porto, student at FEUP;
  • João Neves - Lisboa, masters student at IST;
  • Jaime Villate - Porto, physics lecturer at FEUP.

2. Information about FSF Europe and a future Portuguese Chapter

Jaime Villate made a summary on the evolution of FSF Europe. Raul Oliveira pointed out that it is extremely important for Europe to gain some independence from the U.S.A. regarding information infrastructures (software and communications), both by security reasons as Echelon, and for system trust. Our political leaders should be convinced to get involved. He proposes that instead of passing the message that free software is cheaper, the message should be that with the same price more and better results can be attained. Jaime remarked that the difference between proprietary and commercial software should be emphasized.

3. Discussion of the type of entity to be created

Ruben Mendes summarized the customary structure for a non-profit organization in Portugal. Rui Seabra emphasized that a budget must be approved in order to be eligible for state support. Miguel and Jaime are going to try to get a room for the official site of the association.

Lunch break

4. Name of the Association

Bruno Marques points out that the name should make a first good impression. Some suggestions for the name are:

  • APIL - Portuguese Association for Free Informatics;
  • ELSA - Enclave for the Liberation of Software and its Applications;
  • ANIL - National Association of Free Informatics;
  • AGIL - Global Association of Free Informatics;
  • MISSIL - Movement for the Introduction and Defense of Free Software and Informatics;
  • INFOL - Free Informatics.

The general opinion points to AGIL and ANIL as preferred names.

[Further name proposals in the mailing list include: ANSOL (National Association for Free Software) and ANCIL (National Association of the Free Informatics Community), currently the preferred name seems to be ANSOL]

5. Tasks Distribution

  1. Write down a proposal for the by-laws: Ruben and João;
  2. Official location of the association: Miguel and Jaime;
  3. Legal registry of the association: Ruben;
  4. Website: Jaime.

It was decided by consensus that there should be membership fees. Jaime proposes that the fees should be affordable enough not to discourage students. It was decided that the General Assembly will set up the member fees and the various kinds of membership.

6. Digital key signing

The mutual signing of gpg keys took place.

7. Other matters

The Association's mission will be discussed through the mailing list. Contacts with people prominent in the Free Software scene in Portugal will be conducted, to avoid making them feel foreign to this association.

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