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Free software for biology(Listed by Jérôme Pansanel.)

This page lists different free software usefull to research in biology. It was compiled as part of the Free Software and science project.


(18 jul 2002)
Software about genetic of population (distance s between individuals and populations, phylogenetic trees).http://www.pge.cnrs-gif.fr/bioinfo/populations/Version 1.2.28: GPL

(18 jul 2002)
Translator of phytogenetic tree files (Phylip, Gif, Postscript, Adobe Illustrator, xfig, ...).http://www.pge.cnrs-gif.fr/bioinfo/treeplot/Version 0.7: GPL

(18 jul 2002)
Classification by the dynamic floud method.http://www.pge.cnrs-gif.fr/bioinfo/nuees/Version 0.8: GPL

(18 jul 2002)
gBioseg is a graphical application running with linux. The goal of this project is to allow the edition and multple alignment of DNA sequences or proteins, in the same way as the SeqApp software with MacOS.http://www.pge.cnrs-gif.fr/bioinfo/gbioseq/Version 0.2.2: GPL

(30 Jul 2002)
A simple but powerful protein weight calculator.http://www.pansanel.net/linux/mwcalc.htmlVersion :
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