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FSF France and APRIL meeting

Sebastien Dinot
Sebastien Blondeel
Frédéric Couchet
Loïc Dachary
Oliver Berger

In the overheated city of Paris we met to summarize shortly all actions that are planned in the months to come. There is no doubt that a large part of this report is not understandable for people who are not heavily involved in APRIL and/or FSF France. However, they were included for the record and everybody is welcome to ask for more information in either APRIL or FSF France mailing lists.


Sbi (Sebastien Blondeel) is going to Hungaria from 20 to 30 August to attend the annual meeting of He is going to be in mission for the FSF Europe and APRIL. He will be given goodies, flyers.
  • Stickers Dynamic Duo
  • FSF Flyer
  • APRIL flyer
  • 1 or 2 t-shirt to give away
  • 1 or 2 tux
  • Anonymous business cards
He will also meet with a GNOME developer (Shooby Ban ( who may be interested to be involved with a Free Software organization in his country.

The CEENET meeting is largely attended by universities, even if large companies are present. It is financed by OTAN and Cisco in a very modern hotel with Internet in each room. The people who attend come from every eastern countries. The population knows computer science and occupy positions that are sometime important. There is no guarantee that these persons know anything about GNU and Free Software.

Loic suggests that he takes as many contact of people interested by Free Software and likely to get involved in non-profit organizations.


The 22nd Université d'Eté de la Communication (Summer School of the Communication) in Hourtin, near Bordeaux (20th to 24th August), August 22, with one conference about Free Software. Fred and Loïc are supposed to go together, waiting for confirmation. Fred speaks during the Free Software conference on Wednesday and will stay the day after. Loïc will only stay one day.

Forum du Libre

The Forum du libre conference is organized by the Benchmark group in September. Loic will speak at a round table. Invitations were requested, no answer at present.


Launching a special day for cryptography : applying to DCSSI (French authority) for OpenSSH and GnuPG. Meeting on Thursday 26th of July.

Cyberbase à la Villette created. Yves project manager. At Hourtin cyberbases will be presented on Thursday. Fred will be there.


List was created. Who is the project manager ? Joris Van Der Hoven ?


Sent the article about Free Software from Transfert. Ask a periodic status report to Nicole and Gilles Veillon. For the time being one package was sent two weeks ago to the FSF with two articles (newspaper from france and from moroco).

Software Patents

APRIL list : analyze the report and massively inform deputies by sending mail or even better individual letters. We encourage the initiative and hope someone will lead the effort.

Olivier proposes that each person goes to the deputy with a file prepared for this purpose.

Fred suggests sending a call about patents (not only software patents) co-signed by some organizations (Act Up, ATTAC, OGM ...), some deputies/senators and to propose it to the newspapers Linux Loader, Login, Libé, Le Monde, Politis...

FAQ Constructeurs

Marc Aurèle Darche came to us so that we contribute to the FAQ that he is writing. We contributed to the content mainly to improve the things related to Free Software. Even though the Open Source aspect of the document forbids us to co-sign the document, we must participate to the writing on the parts related to Free Software. This is work in progress.

Contacts Free Software organizations

Loic established contacts with Free Software organizations in foreign countries.

Frédéric says that we must work to get closer to LUGs that want to become GLUGs and Free Software organizations that already cam to us (Nice, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Montpellier).

Loic says that most of them cannot be associated to FSF Europe yet because their content does not exactly match the philosophy even though they are close. Refusing this association is a hostile attitude, we must work with them on events and content that better match the philosophy and the strategy of FSF Europe. That requires a lot of work but needs to be done.

The topics mentioned below were shortly discussed and we did not have the energy to write down what was said.
  • Ministry of Culture: ?
  • Sebastien : zelig conf this year ?
  • Frédéric : changing the president of APRIL ?
  • Olivier : Linux Expo 2002
  • Frédéric : official name of FSF France
  • Sebastien : Patents
  • Sebastien : SDLs
  • Frédéric : reunion Elysée, postponed in September
  • Frédéric : business cards FSF France / APRIL
  • Frédéric : ambassador FSF Europe (Sbi, Pierre Jarillon), generic business card
  • Olivier : Goodies t-shirts, mugs etc.
  • Sebastien : changing logo, use LinuxGraphic
  • Frédéric : INJEP courses
  • Frédéric : Libre en Fête
  • Frédéric : Accounting
  • Frédéric : Charitable status, taken over by Cyril et Noémie
  • Frédéric : public interest declaration to the administration
  • Olivier : Free Software part of the protected resources of humanity
  • Frédéric : National day of Free Software 27 Sept, RMS is ok
  • Olivier : registering Free Software by BNF (national library)
  • Frédéric : install a shared calendar APRIL/FSF France, and shared ChangeLog
  • Olivier : project to manage members
  • Olivier : booth GNU at Linux Expo
  • Olivier : newsletter of Free Software
  • Frédéric : contact with ADIT, ARTESI
  • Frédéric : pay back OCS
  • Frédéric : handle the report of Linux Expo
  • Frédéric : Howto actions involving people and organizations
  • Sebastien : Checkpoint on T-shirts
  • Sbi : Campaign about the new Debian at the same time as XP, to check
  • Frédéric : announce for pour the 5 years of APRIL
  • Frédéric : meeting with Philippe Carpentier for more interactions
  • Frédéric : Bego
  • Frédéric : Meeting only on patents
  • Frédéric : Autour du Libre 2002
  • Frédéric : Official launch of FSF France, with invitations to journalists and companies. Will also be an opportunity to establish direct contact for FSF Europe donations. 27 September or 16 October at La Villette.
  • Olivier : project translation GPL, summarize on the copyright/contrat problem that was raised during the LSM.

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