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Savannah Migration

A test machine lent by VA Linux France arrived in the FSF France office.

va2230 setup

The Savannah project, initiated in February 2000 when Jonas Oberg and Loc Dachary met at GUADEC in Paris started to be implemented in Octobre 2000. The idea was to build a clone of SourceForge dedicated to the Free Software movement in general and the GNU project in particular. MySQL was published under the GPL and the RSA patent expired, removing the two obstacles that prevented the implementation before this date.

Savannah is now used by more than 100 packages of the GNU project and will be open to all Free Software projects. To handle the growth and thanks to donations relayed by FSF France, the FSF was able to buy a new machine that will be delivered in Boston (US).

va2230 inside

VA Linux France delivered an identical server in Paris to prepare the migration. We are testing the Debian installation that runs smoothly so far. We must them find out how to operate the EMP port. That will allow us to reboot remotely when the machine will be installed in Boston (US).


The preparation of installation at the provider is almost finished. Thanks to contributions from APRIL members (money donations and 100MB Hub) we now have all the parts needed.

You can send your moral support by telepathic link to Loc Dachary (FSF France) who coordinates and implements the whole thing, Bradley M. Kuhn (FSF) who strugles with paperwork, Joel N. Weber II (GNU) who chose the hardware and drives the installation at the provider, Mark H. Weaver (GNU) who prepared the migration plan. An influx of recognition and sympathy directed to the volunteers and friends who contributed, contribute or will contribute to the evolution of Savannah is also welcome. I almost forgot Richard M. Stallman who motivates us when we feel weary.

Loc Dachary

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