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All persons listed here enumerated accurately, at least once in their lifetime, the four fundamental freedoms of Free Software.

Knowing our freedoms is the first step to be able to defend them when they are threatened.

If you want to be listed in this page send your full name and the four fundamental freedoms of Free Software by e-mail to

  • Agnès Le Béon (agnes at
  • Alain Hayot (halain at
  • Alexandre Dulaunoy (alexandre.dulaunoy at
  • Alexandre Dupouy (alex at
  • Antoine Crochet-Damais (crochet at
  • Antoine Hulin (antoine at
  • Arnaud Fontaine (arnaud at
  • Aurélien Dumez (aurelien.dumez at
  • Azzaddine Amjahed (amjahed at
  • Beaujean Aurélien (beaujean at
  • Benjamin Drieu (benj at
  • Benoit Lietaer (benoit.lietaer at
  • Benoît Picaud (benoit at
  • Benoît Rouits (brouits at
  • Benoît Sibaud (benoit.sibaud at
  • Bernard Chardonneau (bech2 at
  • Bernard Pratz (pratz at
  • Bernhard Reiter (bernhard at
  • Bertrand Achard (ba at
  • Bertrand Demiddelaer (bert at
  • Boris Pougnet (boris at
  • Brian Fraval (brian at
  • Bruno Coudoin (bcoudoin at
  • Caroline Gerrebout (kro at
  • Christian Maisonnave (christian at
  • Christian Mauduit (ufoot at
  • Christophe Bothamy (cbothamy at
  • Christophe Casalegno (christophe.casalegno at
  • Clément Siebering (clement.siebering at
  • Coralie Paulhac (coralie.paulhac at
  • Corinne Luggi (corinnel at
  • Cyril Bouthors (cyril at
  • Damien Caselli (damien.caselli at
  • Damien Chrisment (damien at
  • David Decotigny (David.Decotigny at
  • David Maillard (david.maillard at
  • Deletang Frederic (ziga at
  • Denis Barbier (barbier at
  • Didier Jehl (djehl at
  • Emmanuel Fleury (fleury at
  • Fabien Illide (fillide at
  • Fabien Penso (penso at
  • Fabrice Blain (fab.blain at
  • Flavien Lebarbé (flavien at
  • Florent Cueto (fcueto at
  • Franck Paillaret (Franckladit at Jesuispas.Net)
  • Francois Chartier (f.chartier at
  • Francois Tourde (francois at
  • Frank Heckenbach (frank at
  • Frederic Nias (f.nias at
  • Frédéric Couchet (fcouchet at
  • Frédéric Henry (neryel at
  • Frédéric Marin (fmarin at
  • Georg Greve (greve at
  • Georges Dick (geo at
  • Giancarlo Pilisi (pilisig at
  • Gilles Veillon (gilles at
  • Guillaume Carta (guillaume.carta at
  • Guillaume Emont (guijemont at
  • Guillaume Gimenez (ggimenez at
  • Guillaume Morin (gmorin at
  • Guillaume Pernot (gpernot at
  • Gérald Sédrati-Dinet (sedrati at
  • Helios de Creisquer (helios at
  • Herimamy Ratefiarivony (hratefia at
  • Hervé Brunel (herve at
  • Hervé Eychenne (rv at
  • Hilaire Fernandes (hilaire at
  • Igor Barbey (igor at
  • Igor Genibel (igor at
  • Jacques-Louis Kreiss (jlkreiss at
  • Jean-Christophe Becquet (espace.mulot at
  • Jean-Christophe Collet (jccollet at
  • Jean-Louis Bergamo (jlb at
  • Jean-Luc Leclercq (psychic at
  • Jean-Michel Besnard (besnard at
  • Jean-Pierre Bouquillon (montelinux at
  • Jean-René Vidaud (chip at
  • Jerôme Dumonteil (jd at
  • Jonas Öberg (jonas at
  • João Miguel Neves (joao at
  • Julien Tayon (julien at
  • Julien Vermillard (jvermillard at
  • Jérôme Barbé (tiga456 at
  • Jérôme La Cour (jay at
  • Jérôme Magnin (jethro at
  • Jérôme Marant (jerome at
  • Klaus Schilling (pessy at
  • Laurent Vallar (laurent.vallar at
  • Laurent Wargon (lwargon at
  • Lionel Bringuier (lb at
  • Lol Zimmerli (lol at
  • Loïc Bernable (leto at
  • Loïc Dachary (loic at
  • Ludovic Pénet (Penet.Ludovic at
  • Marc-Aurèle Darche (ma.darche at
  • Matthieu Cargnelli (m.cargnelli at
  • Mehdi Hamida (m_hamida at
  • Michael Franck (micky at
  • Mikael Berthe (Mikael.B at
  • Mose ( mose at )
  • Nicolas André (nicolas at
  • Nicolas Darnis (ndarnis at
  • Nicolas Mora (n.mora at
  • Nicole Ciry (nciry at
  • Olivier Berger (oberger at
  • Olivier Faurax (ofaurax at
  • Olivier Lourdais (olourdais at
  • Parmast Harry (shado at
  • Pascal Terjan (pascal at
  • Paul Gonin (pgonin at
  • Philippe Boireaud (p.boireaud at
  • Philippe Caillaud (pcaillaud at
  • Philippe Muller (phil at
  • Pierre Amadio (pierre.amadio at
  • Pierre Bogossian (bogus at
  • Pierre Jarillon (jarillon at
  • Quentin Mérigot (mrq at
  • Raphaël Rousseau (raph at
  • Raphaële Lamaze (rlamaze at
  • Remi Fontan (remi.fontan at
  • Renaud Guérin (rguerin at
  • Richard M. Stallman (rms at
  • Rodolphe Quiédeville (rq at
  • Rodolphe Sibert (sibert at
  • Romain Françoise (romain at
  • Saad Kadhi (bsdguy at
  • Samba Ndao Diop (snd at
  • Sara Rehnström (sara_rm at
  • Sylvain Blonde (sylvain.blonde at
  • Sylvestre Taburet (staburet at
  • Sébastien Delahaye (delahaye at
  • Tony Bassette (kult at
  • Valery Febvre (vfebvre at
  • Valéry Beaud (vbeaud at
  • Vincent Correze (vcorreze at
  • Vincent Ternisien (vternisien at
  • Vincent Tougait (viny at
  • Xavier Antoviaque (xavier at
  • Xavier Dunat (xavier.dunat at
  • Xavier Manach (xav at
  • Yannick Fillatrau (yannick.fillatrau at
  • Yves Mettier (ymettier at
  • Yves Van Landuyt (y.vanlanduyt at

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